„Roma Heroes Symposium” on the international theatre day

„Roma Heroes Symposium” on the international theatre day

The special cultural event is organized by Independent Theatre Hungary, Goethe Institute Budapest and the Hungarian Delegation of the Government of Flanders at multiple locations in Budapest. Several exciting projects are going to be launched, like for instance the first Roma drama book in the world, an exhibition on Roma theatre, intriguing presentations as well as education methods and their results.


10:00 Goethe Institute (Ráday str. 58.)

Opening speeches followed by reports of university instructors about what methods and results brought the Roma theatre closer to the students.

-Gábor Bernáth: Community stories and scant infrastructures

-Guy Tilkin, Flanders Storytelling Centre Alden Biesen & Federation of European Storytelling: The importance and potential of storytelling

-Jessica Glause, theatre director


11:45-13:00 Roma dramas and interdisciplinarity

Reports of university instructors about how education brought Roma theatre and the challenges of Roma communities closer to the students in different academic fields, what methods they used and what were the result.

-András Müllner (Media and Communication, ELTE, docent) – “Communication case studies”

-Boglárka Bakó (Cultural anthropology, ELTE, assistant lecturer) – “The ethical questions of cultural anthropology research”

– Veronika Darida (Aesthetics Department, ELTE, docent) – “Theater and society – Roma Heroes”

-Andrea Pócsik (Media Studies, Pázmány Péter University, assistant lecturer) – “Roma representation in film and theatre in cultural studies approach”

-Anett Szilvás (Eszterházy Károly College, graphic designer students) – “Roma Heroes in art education from students perspectives”.


14:00 Goethe Institution / Delegation of the Government of Flanders

The premiere of the first Roma drama book in the world by artists and public figures.


15:00-16.00 Roma drama in non-formal education and social media

Tamás Szegedi, trainer and education leader of the Independent Theater facilitates an interactive exercise and presents the main methods and results of the workshops. The Roma heroes blog is presented by Vivien Balogh, editor of the blog.


17:30 Market Hall at Rákóczi Square

European Roma theatre artists and the dramatic characters portrayed by them are going to be displayed on large posters in the market.


19:00 RS9 Theatre – Vallai room (Rumbach Sebestyén str. 10)

The message of the international theatre day by Igor Krikunov, director of Romance Theatre in Kiev, is read by János Balog. Richard O’Neill’s drama called The Hardest Word is performed by Edina Dömök.

The symposium is free to attend but you are kindly asked to let us know if you wish to come. Please register by sending an e-mail to szinhaz@fuggetlenszinhaz.hu by 19th March 2019.


Further information: info@independenttheater.hu