Across Europe in the time of COVID


European Family performance

How does a family overcome the time of pandemic far from each-other? With no possibility to meet in such a hopeless situation. What can you do if you would like to bid farewell to your deceased mother during lockdown but the measures prohibit it? The performance created by Independent Theater Hungary with the cooperation of creators from four countries tributes to the victims of Covid-19 and the families who have been separated due to the epidemic.

The performance was presented at the Roma Heroes – IV. International Roma Theatre Festival on 18 November 2020 and is still available for a week on the YouTube channel of Independent Theatre Hungary. The plot of the play was invented by the creators together during online discussions, the rehearsals and the recording of the performance were also realised in the online space. The success of the whole creative process proves that distance and isolation should not be a hindrance to international artistic work. The story of the Roma family gives us strengths in this difficult time: even though the family members face loss, conflicts and secrets, they are able to move forward with the power of love. The recordings of the play are scenes from a family Zoom call.

Jess Smith, traveller playwright’s thoughts on the performance:

’It’s a wonderful play, my heart was filled with love, the acting moved me to tears. What we can see is a mother’s healing power. It’s a complete and strong drama emphasising the healing voice of a mother. Time is a gift, make good use of it building bridges instead of walls, since water can flow freely and cleanly only under bridges.’

The play can be viewed for an entire week on the YouTube channel of Independent Theater Hungary. It is performed in English but Hungarian, Italian and Spanish subtitles are available.

Starring: Sonia Carmona Tapia, Lucia Lakatos, Richard R. O’Neill, Sebastiano Spinella, Tamás Szegedi

Written by Richard R. O’Neill

Co-writers: Sonia Carmona Tapia, Lucia Lakatos, Richard R. O’Neill, Sebastiano Spinella, Tamás Szegedi, Jaime Vicente Bohorquez

Directed by Rodrigó Balogh, Márton Illés, Péter Illés