Independent Theater Hungary in partnership with Asociatia pentru Promovarea Artelor Contemporane (RO), Romano Svato (AT) and National-cultural association “Amala” (UA) are building a Digital Collection of Roma Theatre and Drama in the frame of the project called European Roma Theater – Contemporary Cultural Heritage Shapes Our Future, co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 

We are looking for papers written by academics (educators, researchers and university students) reflecting on Roma theaters and drama from interdisciplinary aspects.

The aim of the Collection is
  • promoting authentic and diverse theatrical self-representation;
  • shaping the attitudes of the majority and the minority, theatre professionals and non-professionals, to put it simply, the attitude of all of us, regarding Gipsy-Roma-Traveller (GRT) communities and the different theatrical languages, so that we can show the diversity of the communities, the challenges they face, their dramatic heroes indifferent dramatic genres;
  • ensuring visibility for GRT theatre creators and workshops, this way helping them to interact with mainstream culture, develop a network and gain new professional opportunities;
  • collecting and making GRT cultural heritage available for educational and artistic initiatives, both for professionals and non-professionals – this heritage may also serve as the intellectual basis for the future European Roma theatres.

For the Collection we are waiting for papers in connection with GRT theatre and drama in general, and about the companies, performances and creators appearing in the Collection.

Independent Theater Hungary will provide access to the recordings of full performances and drama texts for the academics interested in the topic.

Suggested – but not exclusive – topics
  • analysis and/or comparison of performances, dramas
  • GRT culture and society 
  • GRT self-representation in the field of media and culture in Europe
  • cancel culture and GRT theatre
  • interdisciplinary reflections and analysis on the dramatic heroes, the social and historical contexts of the performances and dramas

The length of the essays is 3000-5000 words including citations. 

You may not enter an essay that you have previously submitted to a journal.

Interested academics can write their questions and get access to the pilot version of the Digital Collection upon request by sending the filled Enquiry form to the

How to Submit

Academics should submit entries (in English only) electronically as an e-mail attachment in the Submission form to

Submission deadline


The essays will be revised by the team of the Independent Theater Hungary and external expert, the top three articles will be awarded, but more essays will probably be published in the Digital Collection. 



Independent Theater Hungary pays the author of the 3 best articles 200 EUR per person. The Theater will notify all applicants of the decision by 11/03/2022 at the latest, and the Theater will enter into a contract with the winning applicants. 

The Theater reserves the right to award less than 3 works.