Roma Heroes Educational Methodology

Roma heroes educational methodology

Independent Theater Hungary developed a Roma Heroes educational methodology, the extended version of which is to be found below. This is the first educational methodology that discusses Roma drama literature, theatre, artists and heroes in an international context.


  • drawing attention to the values of Roma drama literature
  • giving insight to the life of Roma communities around Europe
  • getting to know the stories of the plays’ main characters, their decisions, difficulties and activities

The workshop helps the participants to get to know better each other and the diverse Roma communities. They improve their communication and debate culture, become more open to various opinions and become more cooperative.

The workshop consists of two sessions and is structured as follows:

During the first session, the students analyze and discuss four plays and four heroes. At the beginning, we discuss in general what makes a hero and after we get to know the protagonists of the four plays. We analyze the most important narratives together: difficulties, activity, decision making, action and result.

During the second session, the focus is on the personal heroes and hero stories of the participants. We formulate creative messages together. We try to find the hero in ourselves and work with the heroes of the participants with the help of various creative methods (e.g.: theatre scene, visual art, writing).

You can download our detailed presentation here.

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