Kosovo Mon Amour –war trash in six parts


We can get an insight into the war in Kosovo finished 20 years ago through the play of Jovan Nikolić and Ruždija Russo Sejdović which is one of the most outstanding plays in the European Roma drama literature. The play would have been introduced in a stage reading by nine brilliant Roma actors in the RS9 Theatre to pay tribute to the International Theatre Day. The play can be viewed online in a new style and form because of the current situation. The video series are recorded with smart phones in the actors’ homes and the first part will be released on 27th March 2020 at 9pm on the online platforms of the Theatre.

How can we protect our family, property and identity?  When comes the right moment to escape, and where can we escape during wartime? How can hatred lead to a society where we lived together in peace before? The play raises questions on these topics that are still current today. In the pub called Mon Amour, Jashar is the multigenerational owner, and his brother Pauker worked as a teacher in a school. The play focuses on the Roma middle class instead of the misery of gypsy settlements which were the targets of the Serbians and Albanians during the war in Kosovo.

„Have not played together with so many exciting, professional Roma actors in a play of a Roma playwright since the performance of Vareso Aver „Vérnász” in 2000.  The video cover is a tribute to the previous generation of legendary actors.“ – states Rodrigo Balogh, the director of the play, the artistic director of the Independent Theatre Hungary. He describes the genre of the performance as a war trash. The premiere of the six parts can be seen every Friday at 9 pm on our online platforms. Rozália Farkas, Emília Lovas, Tamás Szegedi, József Budai, Norbert Varga, András Kazári, Christopher Pászik, Dániel Lakatos and Gellért Csiki will perform. They all participated in Tudás6alom, Új Színház and other theatre formations. The music will be presented by Máté Kovács and István Babindák from Speranta Band.

Time of premiere: 27th March 2020 at 9 pm.

Place: social media platforms of the Independent Theatre Hungary




The production is supported by the Goethe Institute Budapest.