Online Workshop on Fund Raising for Roma Theaters


Invitation to Online Workshop on Fund Raising for Roma Theater’s Professionals

Do you have challenges related gaining fund for your work? Sometimes you don’t find funds, which could be relevant for your aims? You don’t always know how to present your activities in a way, which will be convincing for potential supporters? Would you like to know more about good practices of your peers around Europe?

We are glad to invite European professionals of Roma theaters to a series of online workshops on Fund Raising and project planning – between the 25th June and 10th July.

The workshop is organized based on the requests of European Roma theaters researched by the initiators of Network of European Roma Theaters done by the Independent Theater Hungary, the ARTHUB Bucharest, the Romance Theater, Kiev and the Romano Svato Theater, Vienna.

In the workshop one will interact with trainers, grant programs and sponsors representatives, get an overview on fund sources in Europe and good practice study cases. 

We will focus during the online workshop according to the level of experience of the participants related to fund raising the following topics:

How to create successful and appealing project plans and present them to potential supporters?

Main fund sources for art in Europe and adapting them to Roma Theaters’  needs

List of main types of supporters, and their priorities

How to start crowd-sourcing campaigns and involve audiences in the funding processes

Which are the good practices and lessons learnt of the other Roma theaters?

If you are interested to participate in the 3 times 2 hour long online workshops (the language of it will be English) – and have relevant free time in the period between the 25th June and 10th July, apply for the online workshop and be an active member of the European Roma Theaters – as together we can be stronger than alone! The workshop will be hold by experts experienced on fund raising for cultural/Roma projects on domestic and international level, and also worked as fund operators.

Deadline of application: 18th June. – The earlier applicants will have advantage during the selection of participants. The limit of participants is: 10 persons. You can apply here!

We encourage colleagues of Roma theaters who are active in fund raising and management, or who want to start such activities now to apply for the workshop. Colleagues who are only involved in artistic work and have no plans to work on the field of fund raising will be invited in the future for artistic workshop.

We will inform the applicants latest on the 21st June about the final dates of the workshops.

In case you have any further question don’t hesitate to contact us:

Independent Theater Hungary; ARTHUB, Bucharest; Romance Theater, Kiev; Romano Svato Theater, Vienna