Quest and tragedies in the time of Covid


The premiere of the series called ’European Family’

The world has been struggling with the pandemic for several months. Many people have lost their loved ones, jobs, financial and spiritual security. What can be done in such a hopeless situation when all efforts are useless? How can a family be reunited after they have grown apart? The 4-part series called ’European Family’ by the Independent Theater Hungary represents the story of a family whose members live far from each-other in different parts of Europe. The theatrical series was created in honour of the victims of Corona virus and the families torn apart by quarantine. It was made in cooperation with the actors of four different countries.

The aim of the Independent Theater Hungary is to bring it’s performances and projects to the audience despite the difficult circumstances. We believe in the cohesive force of culture. The latest series called ‘European Family’ tells about the life of a family during the epidemic, and the relationship of the family members to each-other. They all live their own lives and each of them have something to hide. What can bind them together again? What is needed to help them open up for each-other and reveal the best kept secrets? Can sincerity and the support of the family be enough to stand up after failures and start over?

“My heart was in shadow my heart was a cave

My heart became whole on the day that you came

You filled it with light and you banished the shade

My heart sang with joy on the day that you came…”

             (An excerpt from the play)


The series was created in the genre of ’Covid theatre’: the four creators living in four different European countries recorded the play in the realms of a Zoom conference call in their own homes. The story was also invented by them based on the idea of Richard R. O’Neill.  During the creation process they were the playwrights, the cameramen and their own costume designers, too. An educational methodology was also elaborated based on the performance and it is available on our official website.

The series can be seen on the official YouTube channel of Independent Theater Hungary.
Each Thursday at 20 pm for four weeks it can be viewed in four languages, with Hungarian, Spanish and Italian subtitles. The first part of the series is on 4 February at 20 pm.

Playing: Sonia Carmona Tapia, Lucia Lakatos, Richard R. O’Neill, Sebastiano Spinella, Tamás Szegedi

Written by Richard R. O’Neill

Contributors: Sonia Carmona Tapia, Lucia Lakatos, Richard R. O’Neill, Sebastiano Spinella, Tamás Szegedi, Jaime E. Vicent Bohórquez

Directed by Rodrigó Balogh, Márton Illés, Péter Illés

Traditional Music arranged and played by Sebastian Spinella.

Words and music of the songs: Richard R. O’Neill and Juice Vamosi.


The first part will be available on 4 February 2021 at 8 pm.:


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