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Roma people live everywhere around the world, but there are hardly any books which show their real stories. Do you want to be part of the change and help Roma youngsters to find inspiring Roma dramatic heroes who empower them in order they can be successful despite all the challenges they experience every day? The Independent Theater has published the first Roma Monodrama collection of the World in 2017. Now we will publish a collection of chamber theatre dramas which show the journeys of Roma heroes from World War II. till today. This book will not just support the empowerment of Roma communities but also enriches mainstream culture.


What is it about?

We are currently working on that culture can reach and motivate those who do not have access to any cultural input. Making widely known how diverse the Roma theatre is, how many different genres and topics are represented through them is particularly important for us. We would like to leave valuable and authentic works of art on contemporary society for the future generations of the youth. Therefore, after the publication of our Roma monodrama volume in 2019, Independent Theater launches the first, international Roma drama volume of the world in March 2021. It will contain 5 chamber dramas by 5 European Roma playwrights both in English and in Hungarian, including also digital content.


Why is it important?

Theatre in its universal sense is always about people who take the responsibility for their deeds and bring change into our lives. In Roma plays we get to know the stories of Roma people who, despite their difficulties, never give up but make responsible decisions about their own and their communities’ lives. We find it essential to make authentic stories of the minority known among the Roma and the non-Roma, too.


What kind of stories can be found in the book?

The book is a collection of the works of five European Roma playwrights.

’Leader’ represents how the community of wandering Roma people and their leader struggle and manage the horrors of World War II. ’Kosovo mon Amour’ takes place 50 years later in the Balkan War and gives an insight into the challenges of a Roma family. The Roma girl from a small village in the play ‘Who Killed Somna Grancsa’ faces a real moral dilemma: whether to pursue her studies or instead, start a family? ‘Village Day’ is also about a small village in Hungary where the people living in extreme poverty have no choice but borrowing money from money lenders. ‘European Family’ is about the present-day quarantine: it tells the story of a family whose members are separated by country borders thanks to lockdown.


What do we need to publish the drama collection?

The process of publication is long and requires a lot of work. As the plays come from different countries, first the dramas need to be translated into Hungarian and English. After the translation phase we involve professional proof-readers and editors, then comes the layout and graphic design. Finally, we release the book both in print and in an e-book version.

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Join with us and support our work so that the stories of the Roma heroes can reach more people!