Roma Heroes exhibition

Our unique exhibition explores the diverse stories, points of view and figures of various Roma theatres, theatre professionals and Roma dramatic characters.

As part of the exhibition the portraits of theatre-makers and their theatrical characters are shown from Ireland to Bulgaria, from Spain to Romania. We can get to know the standpoints, values and challenges of the Roma theatre producers and the characters they portray through short citations, video interviews and recorded scenes from different theatrical performances. The exhibition reveals that European Roma theatre is as colourful as the Roma themselves.

The goal of the Independent Theater is to provide visibility to the almost unknown values of Roma theatre and to the challenges the European Roma communities have to face. This experience can become an example not only to the members of the Roma communities but also to the majority.

The photos were created in 2017 and 2018 on the Roma Heroes Festival which is the only Roma theatre festival of the world.

The Roma Heroes Exhibition has been on display in several locations:

  • Rákóczi Square Market Hall, Budapest
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest
  • Ördögkatlan Festival, Kisharsány, Hungary
  • Central European University, Budapest
  • Slovakia

If you are interested in our travelling exhibition, please contact us by e-mail: