During the project, together with the three partners we further develop the Roma Heroes educational material and methodology that was created by the Independent Theater Hungary in 2017. Resting on the results, we set up an educational methodology that can be used on a European level.

  • Rampa Presentina (Italy)
  • The Roma Actors Association – Giuvlipen (Romania)
  • A.C. para La I+D Independiente Del Teatro Profesional En Andalucía (Spain)

We created a methodology and realize workshops by which we will work with young people focusing on the values of Roma theatre, dramatic heroes, the heroes living around them and their own heroic acts. With the help of our initiative we will empower them, develop their intergroup attitudes and relations, creative, cooperative skills, self-expression, and critical thinking.

In this material we present the historical and social contexts of the partner countries, where the project is realized parallelly and we describe the target groups we will work with. Afterwards, we will highlight why art in general, especially theatre, storytelling and different gamification methods can develop intergroup relations and empower the vulnerable young people. We will reflect on the existing methods and cases of art and education initiatives realized by the project promoters and other organizations in their countries, which will add important aspects to our present work. We will show the main tools and results of the Roma Heroes pilot workshops realized in Hungary since 2017. Afterwards, we describe shortly the Roma theatres in different European countries and the monodramas put into the focus by the workshops. Before closing, we will focus on some practical issues and dilemma, which will be relevant regarding the further steps of our work.

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