Roma Heroes Workshop

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The Independent Theatre Hungary invites applications for participating in the Roma Heroes Workshop free of charge. The workshop is based on the first educational methodology ever which focuses on Roma drama, theatre, Roma creators and heroes on an international level.

The Roma Heroes Workshop

The participants get familiar with European dramas and heroes, while their own stories and exploits also come into view. The background, the values, the decisions of the heroes and the changes brought by them are explicitly discussed.

Everyone gets to know each-other and the different Roma communities better in the workshop. Their communication and debating skills develop, and they become more open for different aspects, moreover, their cooperation skills improve.

The range of the applicants

We are waiting for applications form students of secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, colleges for advanced studies. Our goal is to reach Roma and non-Roma students,too.

The optimal number of the group is minimum 15, maximum 25 people.

The duration of the workshop is 90-250 minutes, as needed.

The application process and further information

Please fill in the application form and send it to email address: until 17 pm. on 28.02.2020.

Institutions and groups from Budapest and the whole country can apply.

In the present call 10 workshops can be provided free of charge. Additional workshops can be requested with partial funding or self-financing.

The workshops will be organized in the period of March – November 2020.

For further information please contact the program manager, Tamás Szegedi:


Phone: +3670-415-47-97

Some feedback of the former participants of Roma Heroes Workshops:

„We have known each-other in the group for years but we got closer today.”

„A real hero faces the difficulties, can fail but never give up!”

„We are all heroes, let’s discover the values of each-other!”