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Roma Heroes During the Time of the Covid

We are European Roma/Traveller theater artists, who work on putting in focus the untold stories of our community members. Now we work on an online video series inspired by the stories of Roma/Traveler people, who reacted with activity and solidarity on the numerous challenges we faced in the last few month.

There are a lot of challenges we had in these months like:

  • Closing the schools, online education, staying home the children 
  • Losing jobs or any other challenges regarding work
  • Losing houses or locked down together in very small flats with other people
  • Challenges regarding health services
  • Losing the freedom of movement during lock down
  • Discrimination even stronger than in general
  • Many other things

If you know any heroes of these times, who did something relevant during these hash times, helped people, or find out some innovative solution, who started to do something new etc – please, let us know.

The hero of the story could have been someone from your family, friends, colleagues or community members. And it can be also you.

If you want that the stories of this hero will be remembered – just send a couple of sentences about the story for the following address:

The real stories will be bases of inspiration, but the final art product won’t name any of the heroes and won’t use the stories in their original version in order not disturbing the life of any of the heroes.

We are waiting for your stories latest till the 3rd July.