The first Covid-theatre video series has been released


The Independent Theatre Hungary decided to introduce a six-part series of the play called Kosovo Mon Amour by Jovan Nikolić and Ruždija Russo Sejdović. The first part was published on 27th March 2020, and the video received more than 700 views and the number is increasing day by day. The quarantine-production was made in the genre of the so-called ‘war trash’.

How does hatred influence society? How can we stand up for our identity and values? The play deals with these topics. The Independent Theatre Hungary has paid tribute to the International Theatre Day for many years and the stage reading of Kosovo Mon Amour would have been introduced on this occasion, too. However, adjusting to the current situation, it is introduced in a new form: in a video series recorded by a smart phone. We were glad to realise that more people were reached through the online platform than usually in a theatre.

„In the theatre the number of the audience would have been 50-60 people, but the online solution reached 200 viewers on the day of the premiere.” – said Rodrigo Balogh, the director of the play and the director of the Independent Theatre Hungary. „Theatres are challenged now which can lead to their collapse or their revival as well. We are trying to proceed towards a revival, and thanks to the digital change-over we can reach previously unknown communities.

Our work goes on, the recording and the postproduction continue at home, too. Even if cultural life is in a difficult situation, we are still working, and the 4th Roma Heroes International Roma Theatre Festival preparatory process has begun, too.

The date of the premiere of the second part is 3 April 2020 at 9pm.

Place: the platforms of the Independent Theatre Hungary




The production is supported by the Goethe Institute and the Summa Artium Private Art Fund.