V. Roma Heroes Festival – Opening Event

The Opening Event of the 5th Roma Heroes Festival and the Launch of the Digital Collection of European Roma Theater and Drama

On the occasion of their 15th anniversary the festival organiser Independent Theater Hungary will launch the Roma Heroes Digital Collection of European Roma Theater and Drama, thus making the works of European Roma theatre makers more accessible and contributing to the European cultural capital. The Roma Heroes Digital Collection of European Roma Theater and Drama has been created to fill in a missing gap in the world of dramatic arts. It aims to show both Roma and non-Roma citizens how colourful the Roma theatrical culture is and that it must be documented.

The visitors can find artists, theatre companies and works from Ireland to Bulgaria, from Spain to Ukraine. “These are works that help us get through the storms of our daily lives, storms that are raging around us in Europe and Hungary.” says Rodrigó Balogh. A detailed theatre history of each member state written by professionals and academic researchers is also included. At the same time, the Collection functions as a forum for further professional dialogue, as the creators announced an academic essay competition and the articles received from different parts of Europe are now part of the Collection.

Welcome speech
Katalin Lábán, director of RS9 Theater
Opening Speech
Tamás Szűcs, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission
Rodrigó Balogh: Why does Roma Theater Matter?
Launch of the Digital Collection of European Roma Theater and Drama with participation of European Roma theater artists
Declaration of the European Roma Thetre Network
Roma theatre makers reflect on the situation of European Roma theatre and on each-other’s artistic work
The festival is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
The festival is supported by the Embassy of Ireland, Budapest.
The event is supported by the Visegrád Fund, the Slovak Institute, Goethe Institute and the Czech Centre.


The event is free, but you need to register in advance. As there are limited number of places, the ones sending their registration earlier will enjoy advantage.

Registration: https://bit.ly/38rTvTn
After the event we welcome the participants for a buffet.