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Roma Heroes Workshops online

The Roma Heroes Workshops are available on a digital platform for secondary tschool and university students from April. We offer online participation for those who are interested to adapt to the current situation. We were challenged by the online change-over, but it is very exciting for us. We are working on a solution to be with you in the form of online workshops in these difficult times. Considering the situation, we offer free workshops for 5 groups who want to get familiar with Roma plays, heroes and, of course, their own heroes and heroic acts.

We need heroes and fortitude these times

Our workshop helps the youngsters get to know and discuss the diversity of Roma plays, heroes, communities, challenges and values, as well as discover the heroes in themselves and in their environment. They can introduce their own stories to each-other by using creative tools.  The participants can recognize their own and each-other’s hidden abilities. The team building gives unforgettable experience besides forging participants together and strengthening the communication within the groups.

Send us your application to info@independenttheater.hu! The selection will be in the order of application.

For further information please contact the program manager, András Tamás Szegedi in the following platforms:

E-mail: tamas.szegedi@independenttheater.hu

Phone number: +36704154797

Further information: www.independenttheater.hu