Team building, skill development, shaping views!


Cooperation, skill development, community!

Is there any training which develops competence, increases social sensitivity of the participants besides team building?

The workshops of the Independent Theatre Hungary provide experience, motivate the participants, develop their communication, creative and collaborative skills. They form the participants’ attitudes towards the biggest European and Hungarian ethnic minority: the Roma people.

Theatre is about people who are always active and have an urge to do something which brings changes. We do believe that we need heroes in our everyday lives, heroes  who can be models, and inspiration and communicate values to us. How do we compete challenges? What are the points which help us make decisions? How can we stay active and what changes can we achieve? These questions are essential in everybody’s life.

The youngsters recognize their own and each other’s hidden skills during the workshops. The team building gives unforgettable experiences, forges the team together and strengthens the communication among the team members.

Roma Heroes workshop

The workshop is available online from 20th March 2020.

It helps young people get to know and discuss the variegation, challenges and values of Roma plays, Roma dramatic heroes and communities. Furthermore, it helps discover the hero in themselves and in their environment by introducing their own stories with creative tools.

In the first part of the workshop we talk about heroes in general: who can be a hero and why. Then the participants get acquainted with four Roma plays, which were written by Roma people, are addressed to the Roma but not only to them. Together with the youngsters we get to know the hero/heroes, analyse and discuss them through the plays. After watching and exploring the different parts of the plays, the attendees introduce the works to each-other and discuss the main points like why the characters can be considered heroes.

On the second occasion we focus on the participants’ own heroes and hero stories and they deal with the stories and the themes with creative tools, for instance, improvising some theatre scenes, creating fine art, writing essays  etc. Finally, all groups introduce their works for each-other and reflect on their experience.

Feather Picking workshop

The prize-winning film „Feather Picking”, which is based on true stories that affect the Roma and the non-Roma youngsters as well, is projected by the contemporary trainers of the Independent Theatre Hungary during the workshop. The film introduces discrimination cases that are processed by legal aid bureaus and later fell into oblivion. Through the various stories it highlights current social issues like problems with education, health care or unemployment. The social questions emerging in the film are discussed and the students make community work related to the topics they find the most exciting. The participants get to know facts of social sciences and pick up tools for cooperation. Their disputing skills and ability of self-expression develop. Since the characters of the film and the trainers are Roma and non-Roma youngsters, the question of integration gets much closer to the participants than just reading a book on the topic.

The workshop consists of two parts, 180 minutes each.

The syllabus is the following:

  • Playing and analysing the film „Feather Picking”
  • Social psychological games and debate trainings
  • Thematic discussion about social studies and moderated disputes
  • Creation of community art products relating to social themes

Waiting room – classroom session

Our session called „Waiting room” is closely related to the play entitled „Shoddies”. It highlights Roma and non-Roma people’s stories about the health care system, launches a discussion, draws attention to the importance of blood donation and activism.

The participants are guided to an imaginary waiting room where they can get to know each other’s stories, the background of health care workers along with the problems and difficulties of the health care system. We line up different observations about health care and living together in general through the stories of three young patients and a nurse. The aim of the session is that the patients and the health care workers can understand each other better. That’s what we look for together with the participants.

It is easy to comment on the health care system in a pessimistic way and give up on it but we are searching for the answer to the question of what we, the individuals can do to make the health care system better.


„We have known each other for years in the group but we got closer today.”

„The heroes overcome themselves. They do something that others don’t dare.”

„I’ve never thought that I’d meet so many heroes today.”

„We can be inspired by the hero stories in our everyday live.”

„Everyone can become the hero of his/her own life.”

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