Digital Collection of European Roma Theater and Drama

This collection presents the values, past and present, the creators and the works of GRT (Gypsy, Roma, Traveller) theater and drama in a non-exhaustive list.


Our mission is to help underprivileged Roma and non-Roma young people become successful artists, trainers, or professionals in whatever field they work but first and foremost: help them become active citizens.


With our performances we want to draw attention to social issues that affect us all. We want to find answers to social questions and solutions to difficult life situations in cooperation with others, understanding each-other.


The youngsters recognize their own and each other’s hidden skills during the workshops. The team building gives unforgettable experiences, forges the team together and strengthens the communication among the team members.


The Independent Theatre Hungary, beginning from 2017, organises the world’s only international theatre festival annually. At the theatre event several Roma theatre companies and actors present themselves from various European countries.

About Us


“You choose: If you see the other people as a problem, no matter what you do, the situation becomes worse and worse but if you see them as a partner, they become your partner.”

Independent Theater Hungary has been operating since 2007. Our aim is to start a conversation about social issues that touch all of us, this way drawing attention to personal responsibility: what we, as individuals can do to improve the situation.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, but it is important for us what you think of the world and what you do for it. We would like to achieve that the young people would be able to live together regardless of from their origin and would do a lot together so that we can live in a more hospitable country. Through our artistic and educational programmes, we work for it.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help underprivileged Roma and non-Roma people become successful artists, trainers, or professionals in whichever field they work but first and foremost: help them become active citizens. We want to achieve that different groups can understand and accept each-other and can create values together. We want to reach and facilitate those who don’t usually have access to culture, and make the people already abandoned by society active citizens. We want that the young people in the future can find authentic pieces of art about today’s society. It’s important for us to show how colourful the Roma theatre is, how many different topics are covered and what a wide range of genres are combined in it.

Our aims

We aim at creating pieces of art that reflect on social challenges. We educate and support underprivileged young people so that they can become successful professionals and active citizens. Besides, we initiate cultural, educational and economic integration. To realise our mission, we are working on the implementation of new and people-oriented artistic initiatives that respond to social issues and include underprivileged people.


  • Social Marie Special Prize –2013, 2014
  • Ibsen Award – 2012
  • Arcus Film Festival Special Prize – 2009
  • Junior Prima Prize – Hungarian Education and Public Education Category – 2007
  • UNHCR Refugee Award – 2007
  • International Romani Film Festival Budapest, Soós Mária Prize – 2013


  • IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts – 2021